Restaurant & Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Ruined to Remarkable
The Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Company of Choice for Prescott Valley

American Crown Commercial Cleaning is the only restaurant deep kitchen exhaust hood cleaning company and exhaust exchange service provider for the Prescott Valley area in Arizona. Our unmatched level of excellence begins with our training. With a team of cleaning experts, equipped with knowledge from OSHA, MFS, and the NFPA, we know how to give you the right cleaning. In fact, we are the ONLY company in the Prescott, Arizona area to achieve these standards. Other companies come from Phoenix and Scottsdale to provide deep cleaning services to our local restaurants. We live and work here, in our local community.

Prescott Commercial Cleaning Company
Prescott Commercial Cleaning Company

While we frequently are called to perform routine deep cleaning of restaurants of all sizes, it is our specialty that we are best known; providing superior commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services. This is to transform the most outlandishly filthy commercial kitchens to A Grade Operations in record time. Our crews are meticulous, our tools powerful, and our speeds fast. You’ll see why so many restaurants rely on our routine maintenance to sustain their standards of cleanliness.

Front of House Cleaning Services

Service Kitchen
Entryways & Lobbies
Carpet Vacuuming
Table & Chair Cleaning
Bar Cleaning
Windows Inside & Outside
Blinds & Shutters

Back of House Services

Hood Cleaning
Fryer Cleaning
Kitchen Floors & Mats
Full Kitchen Cleans
Exchange Vent Covers
Microscopic Oil Filtration
Duct, Fan & Filters
Dishes, Pans & Silverware

Grotesque to Grade A

When restaurants are shut down by the health department they don’t usually clean it up before they move out. This leaves it to the next commercial kitchen to clean it up before they can begin doing business. If this is your restaurant, and you need to have it cleaned so that you can start your business, then contacting American Crown Commercial Cleaning is the only call you need to make.

Routine Restaurant Cleaning Company

Routine Cleaning to Maintain Your Standards

Everyday staff have a tendency to slack on standards, and even when they do give it their all, a minimum cleaning is still necessary. Your hoods, the cracks and crevices, and heavy duty tools. Your standard commercial-grade cleaning materials and tools wear out, leaving residues and build up. Over time they become a breeding ground for bacteria. Have American Crown Commercial Cleaning routinely cleaning your restaurant, and maintain your high standards.