Off Site Commercial Hood Vent Cover Exchange

Prescott’s Only Certified Hood Cleaning Company

At American Crown Cleaning Company we prefer to do things different, which means better. First we lead the way, becoming the only Prescott Valley commercial cleaning company to be certified hood cleaners. Then we went on to achieve multiple designations. Today we are MFS Exhaust Hood Cleaning Certified and hold a certification from the National Fire Protection Association in Code 96 Standards.

During our education we found that cleaning your commercial exhaust vent covers was a challenge. Safety being top of mind we realized how much danger insufficiently cleaned covers cause. Yet cleaning the covers well, using a power washer in the alley, wasn’t always ideal. Your restaurant patrons may see and smell the unappetizing mess, even when you are closed. And there is the issue of paying staff to be at the restaurant and available during the lengthy process.

The Prescott Exhaust Vent Cover Exchange

Rather than cleaning the covers at the property, taking them to a central location saves in many ways. There’s the savings of time, and resulted savings in money. You’re not paying staff for us to be at your restaurant cleaning your exhaust vent covers. Then our staff is able to clean them faster at our central location. With proper tools, and equipment, and without the limitations of being in a public space. Finally, there’s no replacement for the perception of your image. Patrons won’t worry about coming to your restaurant, bar, club, or venue.

We also help keep your grease clean, clean your windows, or clean your entire office building. All of our services are lead by standards at the highest levels including OSHA, MFS, and NFPA. Ask about our certifications.

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