Fryer Oil Filtration

Cut Cooking Oil Costs by 50% or More

At American Crown Commercial Cleaning our fryer oil filtration services save you labor in filtering your own oil. With our advanced, microscopic oil filtration technology we polish your oil increasing it’s life and decreasing your costs. Why spend more filtering it yourself when our team of MFS and NFPA Certified commercial kitchen cleaners can save you time and money.

Essential to Your Safety, A Clean Kitchen

Grease easily catches fire, and for this reason, keeping it clean is imperative to keeping your kitchen safe. In the Prescott Valley area American Crown Commercial cleaning is the only company offering trained and certified technicians. Our commercial grease cleaning and filtration services are lead by standards at the highest levels including OSHA, MFS, and NFPA.

Where other companies choose to do the minimum, we strive to excel. Our team is trained to look for and eliminate potential causes of fire issues, and this doesn’t stop with removing grease. We can help you keep your grease clean too. Using advanced filtration technology you will find that your grease stays better longer, and poses a significantly lower threat for fires.

Keeping Your Restaurant & Kitchen Safe From Harm

Stop putting your business at unnecessary risk. Have your kitchen cleaned by a certified MFS or NFPA trained cleaning company. Our dedication to a superior level of service, safety, and cleanliness has made us a leader in the Prescott, Arizona area.

We also help keep your venue clean, clean your windows, or clean your entire office building. All of our services are lead by standards at the highest levels including OSHA, MFS, and NFPA. Ask about our certifications.

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