OSHA Trained

When Ordinary Clean Isn’t Enough

OSHA Trained Cleaning Company

There’s dirty, then there’s hazardous and unsafe. At American Crown Commercial Cleaning our expert team is OSHA Trained to handle hazardous, toxic and generally unsafe materials and conditions. As the leading OSHA Trained cleaning team in Prescott Valley you can rest assured that we will rehabilitate your property, and it will not only pass inspection you will pass with flying colors.

Reopening Closed Businesses

Whether you are reopening a business closed by the board of health or a business that has been closed for any length of time, we are the only company you need to call. Our team will arrive ready to work, and prepared to handle the job at hand. It is not unusual for us to encounter dilapidated conditions and fully rehab them to working and functioning properly.

Hoarders & Hazardous Conditions

Extreme hoarders require a specific amount of compassion, assistance and OSHA Trained crews. Our team routinely work with hoarders to clear the property and sanitize it both inside and out. It is our commitment to help property owners restore their homes, businesses, and buildings. The members of our team have a deep understanding of how to manage the cleanup and property owner, to ensure that expectations are met.

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